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Plenty of legal acts of everyday life are subject to the Civil Law.

Starting from the simplest to the most complicated transactions, problems and doubts that need solution in a legal level are possible to arise.


In order to avoid any problems possible to be caused, an extensive check of all the parameters of a legal act should be realised to limit and annihilate, if possible, the possibilities of a contract negative outcome. The role of the lawyer is at this point decisive for the adequate prediction of all the possible risks lurking and call in question the prestige of a contract.

From the above, it is clear that the appropriate legal advice is needed not only when the outcome of an agreement is not the desirable one but for the stage before the conclusion of this agreement as well.

As the outcome of every agreement can be disadvantageous for any of the parties, it is important to immediately take the appropriate measures for the safeguarding of the interests of the party concerned.


The principles hereto stated apply in all the types of legal acts either concerning obligation or property contracts such as leases, real estate sales or contemporary form of financial lease either concerning legal acts of family or inheritance law.

In all these cases, our office assumes to advise you during the stage before the conclusion of an agreement and the signature of relevant contracts and during your representation in every stage of the dispute that may arise from an agreement either extra-judicially either before the competent courts.