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The Public Law sector constitutes one of the most extended sectors of Law as it includes various disputes that may arise from the relationships of any citizen with a Public Entity or a Public Law Entity, such as local government organisations.


More specifically, the disputes that may arise from the issue of administrative acts, typically, unfavourable to the person administered are subject to the Public Law. Those disputes include:

  1. The disputes arisen from the urban planning legislation and concern building real estate conditions, regularisation of arbitrary buildings and other relevant issues

  2. The disputes arisen from violations of the tax legislation and concern the imposition of relevant penalties

  3. The disputes arisen from the application of the Hellenic National Cadastre and the Forest Maps

  4. The disputes arisen before and after the conclusion of public contracts of works or commissions, the Public and Private Sector partnership etc.

  5. The disputes arisen from the relationship of the public employees with the Public sector, and the disputes concerning the integration to subsidised programmes for individuals or enterprises

  6. The disputes concerning the setting of entitlements to pension and insurance provisions

  7. The disputes based on the offence of fundamental constitutional rights


In all the above disputes, the solutions provided by the national legislation are distinguished in administrative and judicial. The choice of appeal to the competent administrative body might be either compulsory as a prerequisite for the search of solution in a judicial manner either optional. The special circumstances of every case are those determining which solution is recommended for the quicker and more effective solution of every legal issue, considering among other factors, the nature of every offended administrative act, the expected examination time of a case by the competent administrative body or the hearing of a case by the competent Administrative Court and the current case law on the issue examined.

The disputes about the existence of private rights on real estates characterised as shared by the national legislation as an exception are not subject to the competence of administrative but to the competence of civil courts.


The fine differences between the provided resolution choices of legal issues impose the specialised knowledge on the relevant issues and the full insight of the relevant progress in national and European level as well for the effective and quick finding of solution.